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Thursday, July 14, 2011

‪In Honor of Ibrahim Qashoush, (Now Free), The Song that Will Be Heard Forever! Syrian Revolutionary Dabke‬‏ - YouTube

‪Syrian Revolutionary Dabke‬‏ - YouTube

I vow to play this song everyday until Assad is Out and until Syria if FREE!.. in honor of the Song Writer and Hero, Ibrahim Qashoush who inspired so many with his powerful words that give voice straight from the heart, that will continue to sing and be heard in homes worldwide. This is The Victory Song of Syria, it is The Prayer of Freedom, and The Words of Truth. I will learn this song, and teach it to my Grandchildren and others. Ibrahim is Free, and has NOT died in Vain! Ameen ...


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To author : Please add in comments that the singer "Ibrahim Qashoush" has been slaughtered on 3 july 2011 by regime mercenary, they get out his throat to exinguish his appeal. Rahimahao Allah

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Together we can change everything!! support from Spain!!!

P.D.: This video cost the singer his life

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