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Friday, November 30, 2012

Watch "Latest Israel / Gaza Bombings Videos - Football Stadium Destroyed" on YouTube

Footballers sign statement protesting Israel hosting Euro U21 tournament after Gaza attacks

"(11-30-12) Bustaan al-Qasir | Aleppo | We Are Near Victory" on YouTube :D

Japan Hosts International Meeting Aiming to Tighten Screws on Syria's Assad

Rights groups launch petition to thank Stevie Wonder for canceling Israel army benefit gig | The Electronic Intifada

Plz Sign Petition: Need to speed up Syrian embassies, consulates around world that Must Recognize Opposition Coalition!

 The need to speed up the Syrian opposition coalition recognizes Syrian embassies, consulates around the world

Petition to oust assad of Syria - ضرورة اسراع ائتلاف المعارضة السورية في تسلم السفارات القنصليات السورية حول العالم | استلام ائتلاف المعارضة السورية السفارات والقنصليات في جميع دول العالم |

(11-30-12) Khataab | Damascus | Demonstrators Risk Life to Call for Freedom" on YouTube

Watch "(11-30-12) Daraya | Damascus | (+18) Martyrs Mohammad Quraytim & Musa'ab Al-Sharbaji" on YouTube

Watch "‫إدلب- سرمين مظاهرة جمعة أصابع النصر فوق القصر 30-11-2012" on YouTube

"(11-30-12) Douma | Damascus |Amazing #Fun #Loving "Terrorists" Singing & Dancing for Freedom" onYouTube #GottaLoveEm :)

"(11-30-12) Douma | Damascus | Singing & Dancing for Freedom" on YouTube

"(11-30-12) Qal'it al-Madeeq | Hama | Beautiful Demonstration for Freedom" on YouTube

"(11-30-12) Qal'it al-Madeeq | Hama | Beautiful Demonstration for Freedom" on YouTube

"Ecuadorian Amazon under threat from oil drilling" on YouTube

"Abbas wins 'birth certificate' for Palestine state" on YouTube

Genocide in Silence » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

PCHR Statement On Ongoing Attacks Against Palestinian Fishermen In Gaza | Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Gaza Fishermen Shot at and Arrested - Sabbah Report

Politics and Humanitarianism in Israel, Occupied Palestine | Palestine Chronicle

Politics and Humanitarianism in Israel, Occupied Palestine | Palestine Chronicle

Legalizing Marijuana: The Conversation in Florida Has Begun | Sunshine State News

Israel's Genocidal War on Palestine : Indybay

MULTIMEDIA HOME   |   PICTURES   |   VIDEO AND AUDIO   |   IN FOCUS   |   WEEK IN PICTURES   |   SEARCH PicturesDemonstrators hold a placard during a protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, after Friday prayers in Kafranbel

Anonymous declares war on Syrian government Web sites - CNET Mobile

LA Times - U.S. weighing whether to arm Syria rebels, ambassador says

NYT: U.S. Moves Toward Recognizing Syria Opposition

Syrian Rebels Capture Air Base Near Damascus, Articles | THISDAY LIVE

Most Internet shut down in Syria, group says

Ambassador to Syria Leaves Door Open to Arming Opposition |

Syria 'cut off' from internet, US blames Bashar al-Assad | #AssadTries2HideCrimesFromWorld

US Still Weighing Whether to Arm Syrian Rebels

Syria's communications cut as troops mount assault near Damascus - Times LIVE

Syria's communications cut as troops mount assault near Damascus - Times LIVE

UN envoy to Syria hints Bashar Al-Assad's removal from power - Region - World - Ahram Online

Israel detains Gaza fishermen for sailing too far out to sea

Gaza’s children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

NYT: Israel Seizes Gaza Fishing Boats near offshore limit

Hamas says Gaza conflict, U.N. recognition go together

Gaza campaign by numbers - The Egyptian Gazette campaign by numbers

Losing the plot: Why did Israel attack Gaza - again? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Losing the plot: Why did Israel attack Gaza - again? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

UN tribunal acquits Kosovo ex-PM of war crimes" on YouTube

"Amnesty slams S. Korea for abuse of security law" on YouTube

"West Wing Week: 11/30/12 or "#My2k, Tweet it!"" on YouTube

Named but not shamed: UN Rights Committee cites abuses in Syria, Iran, N. Korea and #jafaariTheChildKillingLiar

Syria Internet Cut as Battle Rages Near Damascus Airport - Businessweek

UNITED NATIONS: Envoy says Security Council blocks Syria progress | Nation |

AFP: Two Austrian soldiers wounded in Damascus shooting

Save the Children

"Nuclear Roulette: Countdown to Extinction" on YouTube

"Patriot Pastor Takes on The IRS" on YouTube

"Former US diplomat speaks on Palestinian UN status" on YouTube

"UN Overwhelmingly Recognizes Palestine as Non-Member State - Humiliating Defeat For Racist Israel" on YouTube

"UN Recognizes Palestine as Non-Member State - Big Defeat For Racist Apartheid Israel" on YouTube

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Palestinian n Gaza Strip:officials will observe devastation..intend2prepare a report on Israel’s targeting of civilians

World Must Act NOW+Collectively.we hav the will2find a way #LeastWeCanDo #Immediately provide shelter+aid2those fleeing

SOS ACTION REQUIRED BYSTANDERS @UN @StateDept @BarackObama #WorldWatchingGenocide2YRS #AssadKilled40k70kMissing400kFlee

McCain Supports Patriot Missiles in Turkey Aimed at Syria - US News & World Report

McCain supports Patriots for Syria no-fly zone

U.S. Senators call for no-fly zone in Syria | Set You Free News

WORLD - U.S. Weighs Bolder Effort to Intervene in Syria's Conflict

Watch "#Tahrir Fire in tent extinguished by the Chebab" on YouTube

Car bombs kill 34 in pro-Assad Damascus suburb

KUNA : Britain welcomes UN call on Assad to end human rights violations - Politics - 28/11/2012

Free Syrian Army fighters transport weapon on a donkey after clashes w forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad, in Harem

Opposition: 10 children killed in Syria

REFILE-UPDATE 2-EU cuts Syria sanctions term to possibly help rebels

Syrian villagers cheer downed jet

#ASSadBUDDY - Russia printed money for Assad's regime in Syria | Alaska Dispatch

NOW Lebanon -Syria rebels set up camp on hilltop Base 46

Al Jazeera Witness Film - Shabeena's Quest about Girl's Education in Pakistan - Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Syrian rebels turn looted missiles on Assad's aircraft

U.S. must lead a strategic Syrian intervention -,0,4290513.story

Obama open to talks with Syrian opposition umbrella group - AlertNet

SERKAN DEMİRTAŞ - It’s time for Israel to lift the Gaza blockade

DAWN.COM: Israeli aggression in Gaza «

The Torah of Esau and Jacob, Gaza and Israel - The Huffington Post

Gaza girl unable to speak after Israeli drone destroys her home | The Electronic Intifada

Why Does Greater Israel Blockade Gaza's Exports? - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast

World Bank to spend $6.4 mln on Gaza water project - FRANCE 24

MegaFon shares fall below offer price in early trading

Russian stocks fall further after weak Megafon debut

“MegaFon is declining today with the rest of Russian stocks as global investors are concerned

Refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis will receive support after Cornish disaster relief charity ShelterBox committed over £1 million in aid.

Special help for special needs Syrian refugees - AlertNet

Syria firing mortars to stop refugees: U.N. aid chief

Syrian rebels 'shoot down army helicopter' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus

Activists: Syrian rebels seize major dam in north

The Associated Press: Syria: Twin car bombs in Damascus kill 34 people

Syrian planes bomb factory in north, many killed

AFP: Syria rebel officers plan post-Assad army

DAWN.COM: Iran losing Arab sympathy for backing Assad: Hamas «

Tunisia president warns Iran against supporting Assad | Emerging Markets

BBC News - Syria rebels 'seize Marj al-Sultan base near Damascus'

POLITICS - 'The allies will support Turkey,' NATO chief says

NATO Officials Take up Turkey's Demand as A Matter of Urgency, 27 November 2012 Tuesday 10:30

Write for | Oil

Syrian Strike Hits Olive Press Near Idlib; Border Bombing Sends Hundreds Fleeing into Turkey

Syrian Strike Hits Olive Press Near Idlib; Border Bombing Sends Hundreds Fleeing into Turkey

Daily Star - Syrian war clouds Turkish plan to clear land mines

Syria rebels down warplane in northwest

CNN Security Clearance Turkey NATO to Scout Locations for Missile Protection from Syria

Ban to visit Syrian refugees | Oman Observer

Syrian Jets Bomb Near Border as NATO Seeks Missile Sites - SFGate

McCain Supports Patriot Missiles in Turkey Aimed at Syria - US News & World Report

ISTANBUL: Aid groups warn of food crisis in Syria as winter nears, refugee numbers surge - World Wires -

Photo- Free Syria Army fighters inspect ammunition at the FSA base in Bab Al-Hawa

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Palestine pursues Britain on UN vote |

General Assembly to discuss Syria human rights violations

Syrian government air strike near Damascus kills 10 children: activists - Daily News

11-27-12 Dariya | Damascus | Regime Forces Drop Bombs from MiG, Unknown Gases" on YouTube

Watch "(11-27-12) Inkhil | Daraa | Regime Sniper Up High on Rooftop" on YouTube

Watch "(11-27-12) Damascus | FSA Battalion Speaks of Freeing Marj al-Sultaan Airport" on YouTube

Watch "(11-26-12) Binnish | Idlib | Young Children Hold their Own Protest for Freedom" on YouTube

Hod Bless Uou Little Ones, may Heavenly Angels Surround you, Protect you, and keep you safe! Amen Watch "(11-26-12) Binnish | Idlib | Young Children Hold their Own Protest for Freedom" on YouTube

Watch "(11-27-12) Al-Rastan | Homs | Children Chop Wood for Heat, Cooking" on YouTube

Watch "(11-26-12) Darayya | Damascus | (+18) Regime Forces Massacre Many" on YouTube

Syrian director banned from Cairo Film Fest over support for Assad | Al Bawaba

Syria's Refugee Crisis: Hundreds Of Thousands Unprepared For Winter (VIDEO) - The Huffington Post

Syrian warplanes bomb Damascus suburbs : Syrian warplanes bomb Damascus suburbs

8 children killed as Syrian civil war rages

Syrian jets bomb rebel bases near Turkey border

Mortars hit Syrian Information Ministry as fighters storm air defense base

More than 10 Iranian pilots arrived in Syria to help Assad | Ya Libnan | World News Live from Lebanon

KUNA : France donates USD 1.5 mln Syrian Nat''l Coalition - Politics - 26/11/2012

WRAPUP 2-Syria rebels capture army base in eastern oil region

KUNA : Japan imposes fresh sanctions on Syria - Politics - 27/11/2012

Civilians caught in the crosshairs in Gaza - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

In Gaza more delayed fatalities from Israeli airstrikes | Bikya Masr

Israeli Vets Speak Out: What Really Goes On In Gaza | Mother Jones

Israeli Vets Speak Out: What Really Goes On In Gaza | Mother Jones

How to End the Gaza Violence | Original

Monday, November 26, 2012

Syrian jets attack rebel base near Turkey border

Children of conflict: Innocence interrupted #Gaza - #Israel

NOW Lebanon -Turkey admits contact with Israel over Gaza conflict

A Brave Friendship Spans the Border Between Israel and Gaza - Newsweek and The Daily Beast

Afghan Students Denounce Israel Over Gaza Fighting - ABC News

@UN @StateDept @BarackObama >> Children killed n playground bombed by Assad regime warplanes (GRAPHIC) :( #PlzStopAssad

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Medical marijuana proponents in New York renew push for legalization - Daily News

Smell the Truth » Oral Health and Cannabis

Exhibitors Wanted For The 2013 National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference via @theweedblog #Medical #Marijuana #Health

Combat against cannabis crackdown – Sensible B.C. comes to Kamloops | The Omega

Syrian government airstrike kills 10 children near Damascus

Gaza bombing between Israel and Hamas 'cost $1.1b' |

Israel may strike at ship allegedly carrying Iranian rockets to Gaza – report — via @RT_com

Hamas leaders in Egypt for cease-fire talks

Hamas Deploys Police Forces Along Gaza Border - Israel National News

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri later said that Israel had not agreed to terms that would stop the fighting

Senator: Syrian No-Fly Zone if Opposition Unites | Atlantic Sentinel

Electronic tracking: new constraint for Saudi women - Care2 News Network

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood top dog denounces peace with Israel - Care2 News Network

UN: Children Widely Affected By Violence In Syria

Rebel Oil in Syria - Forbes

Israel use social media to moralise Gaza massacre - Sabbah Report

Israel may strike at ship #allegedly carrying Iranian rockets to Gaza – report — RT

Israel eases restrictions on Gaza fishing - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Gaza cleric calls violation of Israel truce sinful

Syrian rebels capture helicopter air base near the capital Damascus after fierce fighting

.:Middle East Online::Assad losing grip: Rebels seize 'large part' of army airport:.

Al-Assad Regime Needs to Be Removed so Syria Can Be Rebuilt - Muslim Public Affairs Council

Syrian rebels 'capture air base near capital' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Stalemate in Syria? Army short on loyalists, rebels short on guns

Turkey and Syria's deteriorating relations - Inside Syria - Al Jazeera English

Turkey and Syria's deteriorating relations - Inside Syria - Al Jazeera English

Syrian Rebels Tighten the Noose on Assad

Syria Death Toll Greater Than 40,000 Killed Since Conflict Began, According To Monitor - The Huffington Post

cannabis prohibition is eroding our most basic right of free speech, but their justified fears prevent them from correcting those who laugh off cannabis law reform

Opinion: No Laughing Matter, Legalize Marijuana Now | National Cannabis Coalition

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Israel's people are angry, but Netanyahu was right not to invade Gaza Strip

Leveling Gaza: Israel airstrikes to cost Gaza over $300 million – report — RT

Palestine complains to UN after Israel violates Gaza ceasefire | Maan News Agency

Number of Syrian refugees exceeds 440,000: UN

Thousands of Syrian Children May Not Survive the Winter | Care2 Causes

U.N. seeks government help for Syrian refugees

Syria refugee influx a crisis for Lebanon’s Shatila camp | Ya Libnan | World News Live from Lebanon

Huddled against winter, displaced Syrians suffer

Syria Would Need $60 Billion to Rebuild, Opposition Figure Says -

Israelis killed by rocket, mortar from Gaza since2006: 47 Palestinians n Gaza killed by Israeli fire since2006: 2879

Tell Congress: It's Time to End the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest 2%! - People For the American Way

@UN Natural Medicine Lesson1: Plz Read!! Education4U when u have cancer remember Cannabis juice cures +=NonPsychoactive

Dear @UN UPDATE UR EDUCATION! #CannabisCuresCancer #ShrinksTumors #CalmsPTSD #HelpsChemoPatientsEat+Sleep! etc. LEARN!

Marijuana Legalization - #IGNORANT @UN wants US 2 #StopNaturalMedicine #PharmacyDrugsKillYourLIVER! so @UN can #Go2Hell

NBC Bay Area : SF Pot Club Shut by Feds Reopens

Marijuana dispenser: A classic penny-stock story

Marijuana dispenser: A classic penny-stock story

OregonLive : Medical marijuana for a child with leukemia

7-year-old gets medical marijuana to combat chemo |

OUR VIEW: Laws cannot stop marijuana use Colorado Springs Gazette

BBC News - Mahmoud Abbas pursues Palestinian UN bid after Gaza conflict

Israelis troops kill Palestinian on Gaza border - The Irish Times - Sat, Nov 24, 2012

Gaza debacle exposes Israel’s weakness: Tehran

Hamas leader defiant as Israel eases Gaza curbs

Student killed in university clash; NATO service member killed News Article: U.S., NATO Consider Turkey Request for Missile Support

Turkey agrees Syria missile defense with NATO members

NATO says Turkey has asked for missile defense against Syria

NATO to deploy Patriot missiles in Turkey | International | News from Fort Worth, Dallas...

Turkey expects NATO Patriot missile decision within week

Video: Dispatches from a Gaza hospital during Israel’s assault | DISPATCHES FROM THE UNDERCLASS

Oil prices climb on new Gaza-Israel fears

Israel eases Gaza border restrictions after truce November 24, 2012

Nasrallah to Israel: You lost in Gaza, so who can you defeat? - Israel News, Ynetnews,7340,L-4310970,00.html

Gaza Op Weakens Israel Right-Wing Gov’t: Survey, 24 November 2012 Saturday 9:52ít-survey.html

Gaza conflict shows Israel must bow to Palestinian rights: Iran

Support for Hamas remains strong in Gaza

So that's where Bashar has been... Asma al-Assad is reportedly pregnant! | Al Bawaba

Deployment of Patriots in Turkey Means No-Fly Zone for Syria, 24 November 2012 Saturday 12:4

Marijuana Law Reform Bills to be Introduced | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform

Marijuana Legalization Benefits Now Include Profit Potential For Wall Street Investors: Report

Tell Ireland to Stop Obstructing Justice for Symphysiotomy Victims

Sign Petition - Tell Romney to put Wildlife before Oil Profits

Spike in Syrian refugee numbers - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Friday, November 23, 2012

Syria rebels capture army base in eastern oil region

» Britain Prepares Squads to Assassinate Assad in Syria Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Israeli forces kill Gaza man despite cease-fire - World News

One killed, 19 wounded in gunfire near Gaza

IDF soldiers kill 1 Palestinian, wound at least 10 at Gaza-Israel border 2 days after ceasefire | End the Lie – Independent News

Mohammed Badei, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Blasts Israel-Gaza Peace Deal

Oil prices hover near $87 as truce is maintained between Israel and Hamas in Gaza Strip | Fox News

Gaza Crowds Surge at Israel Border Fence, 1 Dead - ABC News

How can you protect a whistleblower? Use Twitter - The Drum - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) [ join me @TutlleWoman777

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rihanna Once Agian Flaunts her Love for Weed : Design & Trend

MassLive : Pot of gold: Medical marijuana law seeds industry in Massachusetts

Marijuana Use Linked to Better Adherence in Psychosis : Clinical Psychiatry News

Canada brings tougher anti-cannabis laws - Americas - Al Jazeera English

Raccoon Leaders Call For Loosening Of Garbage-Can Lids | The Onion - America's Finest News Source | Onion Radio News,30462/?utm_source=11-21-12&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=daily_dispatch

Bulgaria grants 100 000 euro for humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees | | The Sofia GlobeThe Sofia Globe

The @BarackObama Victory and the Near Hysteria of the American Far-Right [SoreLosers! Hahahaha! ;)