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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#West #Boca #Medical #Center HORRIFYING!!! Tried to #CoverslUp her #Malpractice #OverDosed Child to punish ReligiousExempt

#West #Boca #Medical #Center HORRIFYING!!! Tried to #CoverslUp her #Malpractice #OverDosed my #Grandson to punish #ReligiousExempt Parents who took 14yearOld to ER, for staring and not responding to questions. Mother requested EEG to make sure all is ok and results show NOSEIZURE  and Symptoms discovered to be NightTerrors/SleepWalking Dr.Barbara tells mother she gave Michael 1drug, but gave him 13 drugs For seizures #EEG show he did not have and Barbara Deliberately put #Paralyzed  Michaelwith 13 Drugs, of which 5 have possible sideEffect Death! AND caused #RespiratoryArrest as labels warn. The Barbara Afraid she #OverdosedMichael with MomAlarmed, Dr. Barbara called DCF to Distract Mom, #Doctor Barbara Barczyowska Ais not just a #MalpracticeDoctor she is simply a Very Evil Monster!! Even LAUGHING WHILE MOTHER was Crying DeliberateWICKED #DOCTOR_Barczykowska_NEEDS NOT ONLY TO BE SUIED BUT SHOULD GO TO #Prison !! Or at least have her license Taken Away!! She is a Very Evil and Dangerous Excuse for a #Doctor - and @WestBocaMedical rather protect their assets than #CHILDREN!!  I sware These statements are true, and I will testify in court Oct6,2015 DEMANDING #WestBocaMedical show the courts video of #EmergencyRoom events, including all #tapes containing #Mother #DanielleMeeks and Child #MichaelAli Meeks at WestBocaMedical ..  would I be requesting the videos be shown to the courts if I was not telling the truth ?? No,  because the #videos will show that W. Boca Medical Center with Dr. Barbara #overdosed my #grandson and #lied to #DCF to get mom distracted and out-of-the-way ,  even had her illegally arrested just to remove her from the emergency room where Michael was sent to intensive care unit #ICU  and in addition DCF worker #MarshaYoung of Boca Raton Florida laughs together with #DOCTOR_Barczykowska as mother is crying and child is sent to #ICU -Which the #videos will show this #ugly #truth ! Together they laugh and 
lie saying Mom tries to pull oxygen tube! When in fact,  Mom did not object to the Oxygen!  That was the only thing keeping MichaelAli alive after #DOCTOR_Barczykowska #OverDosed MichaelAli!
->> show the #video if it's not true what I say!! #ShowTheVideo of the laughter as well, and then tell the courts what's so funny about a child who has #religious #exemption being #overdosed in the #ER while the #mother's #crying! And tell the Courts please What's so funny about #DOCTOR_Barczykowska Overdosing ReligiousExempt ChristianScientist Child, while mother is crying, W. Boca Medical Center  #DOCTOR_Barczykowska and #DCF worker #MarshaYoung laughing ? it's deliberate religious persecution malpractice and #Evil as a human being can get ..MarshaYoung of DCF #BocaRaton and #DOCTOR_Barczykowska are #Criminal #Lying #Monsters who belong behind bars! 
in addition,  The records that W. Boca Medical Center gave us error corrected seven times, proving 7 times they edited Michael's medical records before giving us a copy' showing: 
"error corrected" 
"error corrected" 
"error corrected" 
"error corrected" 
"error corrected" 
"error corrected" 
"error corrected" 
but still shows #MichaelAli was given 13 doses of medicine not one, as #DOCTOR_Barczykowska told Michael's mother DanielleMeeks, she (#DOCTOR_Barczykowska) said to mom, that she gave him one medication! 
so I wonder how many drugs
(besides the 13 showing after edit) were given to MichaelAli who's a #ChristianScientist with #ReligiousExemption -who his mother brought to the emergency room concerned about his not responding to questions when he was sleepwalking!  and who #DOCTOR_Barczykowska gave 13 drugs while refusing to answer mother, but #DOCTOR_Barczykowska did say she was putting #MichaelAli into an "induced coma to paralyze him"and then lied to his mother before during and after overdosing #MichaelAli and then calling #DCF #MarshaYoung and lied saying mother refused medical treatment -when the mother is the one who brought him in originally and agreed to the one medication and the mother requested the #EEG and then after #DOCTOR_Barczykowska gave MichaelAli 13 drugs and THEN he went into respiratory arrest, she calls not only #DCF, but called the #police saying Mom was trying to pull #Oxygen tube out of #MichaelAli when mother was at that point begging the #doctor to stop injecting #morphine into MichaelAli along with other drugs, #DOCTOR_Barczykowska refused to answer Mom's questions about the drugs she continued to pump into MichaelAli and  as #DOCTOR_Barczykowska looks at mom while injecting Michael with morphine three times in an hour and a half, and doing it with an evil smile on her face looking at the mother - as the videos will reveal!! 
The only treatment Danielle Meeks ( MichaelAli's mother refused was a spinal tap for #meningitis which shows on the #video Danielle said because the number one symptom of meningitis is a high #fever, and Michael did not have a fever at any time before during or after the W. Boca Medical Center #ER emergency room visit. again we demand that W. Boca Medical Center show the courts October 6, 2015 all video from the emergency room of W. Boca Medical Center containing Danielle me and Michael a lead me to show the world the truth! if it was not the truth that would not be #OurDEMAND 

The #media #must #investigate this #story to let the #world #know! and to put these #ugly #criminals away so they stop #endangering the lives of #children and so they #stop #destroying #families who have a #religious #exemption! Show the video of the emergency room activities/crimes and #BoldFaceLIES! 

I am an educated grandmother with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, earned from Eastern Kentucky University; I earned my Teaching Certification from the University of Phoenix;  I earned an executive MBA, Specializing in Advanced Leadership and Innovative Marketing from Colorado Technical University; and I earned my Master of Transpersonal Psychology, with thesis in "Laughter Therapy" , as well as a PhD of Psychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, with my dissertation
"Altruist Personality Development as Opposed to the Bystander Effect" and I also studied law from 1992 to 1997 via WestLaw! 

My name is Wendy Ruth Wyatt and I can be reached at 619-961-9355 or but my email is flooded with daily mail, so if any reason I do not respond to an email at that address please try again using

Sincerely, #TheTRUTH 

Dr. Wendy Ruth Wyatt also known as @Turtlewoman777 via Twitter. and I will keep the world updated on W. Boca Medical Center and DCF Department of Children and families more accurately 
#Children and
#Families in South Florida targeting #ReligiousExemption #Children and #Families And I publicly swear on my 12+ years of education that what I speak here is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the best of my knowledge, so help us God! Ameen and Amen

there's a lot more to the story it goes on forever a compilation of violations! 
Michael's vitals were normal when he first was admitted into W. Boca Medical Center emergency room, and did not have respiratory arrest and need for intensive care unit until after he was injected with drugs by #DOCTOR_Barczykowska(.)